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Welcome to Hankook Research.

president Jae Sun Jung
President Jae Sun Jung

Hello! I am Jae Sun Jung, the president of Hankook Research.

Hankook Research has been proud of a history of 42 years founded in 1978. The companies hould understand the consumers' mind and develop the product that they want to have in dorder to follow the rapid changes of society. The interest in global consumers is growing with the increase of overseas export. Hankook Research built a network of global research partners in 70 countries through over 60 projects annually. We also develop MobileCX® for mobile research, and quickly provide the accurate data for the clients. Hankook Research aims to provide the report with the best quality as the largest marketing and public opinion research firm in Korea. We are operating a human resources development and capacity strengthening program, and were ranked 7 as The Best Companies to Work for by the Fortune in 2015. I will do my best to make Hankook Research as a rewarding work and provide the best possible report for the clients.


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Hankook Research
Providing services such as marketing & public opinion research agency, product & consumer research, media readership