Please meet our research experts in marketing.


We perform fashion marketing research to support fashion marketing such as professional fashion product reviews, new brand launching and positioning, brand repositioning in a changed market, observing fashion behavior, tracking changes in fashion trends, and checking marketing and communication effects.


Researchers with abundant experience in domestic and overseas automobile market researches can utilize various research techniques for market trends, prior concept research for new car development, car clinic from design to launch, marketing effect and market diagnosis. We provide solutions for your needs.

Future Trend Research

Researches that read the future are indispensable when considering uncertain economic and social circumstances. We conduct surveys that draw future predictions with systematic and scientific techniques targeting various fields of specialists and lead users.

NCD (New Concept Development) Study

Experienced researchers in the process of discovering insights begin to establish hypotheses about new products and services and refine the hypotheses in various ways and validate them to shape the direction of the final concept and idea / user scenarios.


We conduct research on insurance, investment products, housing finance products, banking and credit card products, retirement planning and household finance. We have a wide range of experience and know-how in the consumer survey as well as the survey of sellers / experts such as insurance agent, GA Agent, PB.


We support marketing with understanding game trend and gamer behavior, FGT and UT for upgrading game UI usability, BT and marketing strategy research for effective launch of new games based on multi-year professional experience. We will work together with detailed strategies for securing competitiveness.


The purpose of CSM is to identify customer expectations, to analyze the gap with the service, and to suggest alternatives. We provide functions as a listener that expresses grievances and unsatisfied factors, a messenger that communicates and a connector that checks how client decision has affected customers.


We have more than 100 UX projects per year in a wide range of fields including product package, new product usability, web, mobile, artificial intelligence, and IOT. In particular, we have a lot of experience in global UX research and suggest the most efficient UX research solution for clients' needs.

Neuro Marketing

Surveys and interviews alone often make it difficult to identify the true feelings of your customers. Eye-tracking, face reader and observation research can help you identify hiding insights by understanding consumers' usage and purchase behavior and the reason for those behavior.


It becomes increasingly important to select media for effective ad and promotional strategies in rapidly changing media. We conduct surveys to investigate consumer MOT, channel impacts, and ROI of ad costs to establish IMC strategy for market conditions, product characteristics and brand situation.


Media need to know when, where, how and why media content is consumed to cope with the rapidly changing media environment. The only media research team in Korea provides strategic suggestions for being an influential media from objective measure of media content trends and media power of each media.


We can conduct specialty medicine and general medicine, medical device, general patient survey as well as specialist survey or rare disease patient by professional healthcare team. With over 12,000 professional doctors and 300 pharmacists panels, we can quickly and efficiently conduct healthcare research.

Please meet our research experts in marketing.