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Experts from a wide variety of fields partner with you to conduct purposeful and meaningful research.


MobileCX+ is a mobile app that was developed in-house by Hankook Research.
It allows for a swift and convenient method of collecting opinions from respondents.
With prior consent, GPS location information and credit card payment details are collected from participants.
It is then possible to immediately push notifications to participants who purchased a certain product.
This allows us to ask participants for comments while the product is still fresh in their minds.


Norm Database

Bulit upon the previous research studies conducted to date,
this database allows us to compare and better interpret
the results of our customers’ research studies.



The research environment we live in today calls for the use of various data collection methods
(online/web surveys, face-to-face, phone surveys, CATI, etc.) for the execution of a single study.
Hankook Research’s Q Master allows researchers to create a single questionnaire and use it across multiple research platforms.
In addition, Q Master enables all data to be collected and processed in a single format.


What is the Master Sample?

Hankook Research’s Master Sample refers to our panel of over 900,000 people
who are willing to voluntarily participate in surveys.
The Master Sample allows us to quickly find qualified respondents to take part in
all types of surveys including face-to-face interviews, email surveys, mobile surveys, and FGDs.
It also boosts the accuracy of our research studies.

Master Sample

Because we recognized the need for a readily available pool of respondents to participate in market research studies, Hankook Research has been recruiting respondents for our Master Sample since 2001. As of September 2023, we have over 900,000 participants in our Master Sample.

Master Sample

The Master Sample is pool of respondents that is statistically representative of the population at large. It is distributed evenly across regions, genders, age groups, occupations, educational backgrounds, income, etc. Participants who are part of our Master Sample have all pledged to respond faithfully to all surveys conducted by Hankook Research.

Master Sample

Participation is voluntary. All enrolled participants are managed actively by our researchers. As a result, our participation rates and accuracy of our surveys are high.

Master Sample

Hankook Research has been able to secure the participation of respondents who are typically difficult to get a response from. (i.e. high income earners, professionals, blue-collar workers, and families with young children. Studies that are executed quickly and efficiently are now a real possibility.

Master Sample

Characteristics of the Master Sample

From our Master Sample pool of 900,000 participants, it is always possible to recruit the necessary number of qualified respondents

The Master Sample is fully representative of the entire Korean population – by region, gender, age, occupation, educational background, and income. The Master Sample is a valuable resource that can be used for a variety of market research purposes.

Excellent panel quality is maintained through systematic and rigorous respondent recruitment

Overall panel quality is excellent because it is only possible to be a part of the Master Sample by enrolling via methods and channels planned by an administrator – not a random mass email type of recruitment process.

Our Master Sample participants exhibit High Participation/Activity Rates and Loyalty

While other research companies provide points to its participants, Hankook Research pays out in cash, on the spot. This encourages panel activity, participation, and loyalty.

Strict Panel Management Enhances Data Reliability

Stable execution of surveys and high quality data output are ensured with strict panel management operations

Thorough Response Quality Management System

Respondents who do not meet survey criteria are excluded and prevented from participating in surveys. This serves as a quality control measure.

Fully representative sampling is possible because the Master Sample contains personal information

Personal information collected from participants include gender, educational background, area of residence, and occupation. This information is updated every 3 months.

Operational Stability

Because we constantly recruit for the Master Sample and employ strict panel management tactics, Hankook Research is capable of conducting large-scale projects and tracking surveys that span 5 years or more.

External Credibility of the Master Sample

Hankook Research’s Master Sample is used as the foundation of nationally approved statistical surveys. As such, its credibility is unquestionable.

Basic Facts about the Master Sample

To ensure that the Master Sample is representative of the Korean population at large, we collect personal as well as household information at the time of enrollment. This information is updated regularly.

Personal Information Household Information Drinking and Cigarettes Automobile Media Usage Information
Educational background
Marital status
Name of school / company
College major / work department
Number of people in the household
Number of children, their gender
Type of housing
Housing ownership status
Smoker or non-smoker
Types of alcohol consumed
Status of driver’s license
Car brand
Year car was purchased
Mass media
- Contact frequency, major brand exposure
- Internet network, internet usage frequency
- Main portal sites visited
SNS Electronic Devices Telecommunications Hobbies / Leisure Activities Lifestyle
Main SNS platforms used
Usage frequency
Main device used to connect to SNS
Large home appliances
Medium-sized home appliances
Beauty home appliances
Portable electronic devices
Mobile phone service provider
Smartphone model
Internet service provider
IPTV brand
Sports-related activities
- Fishing, interior design, etc.
Foreign language studies
Volunteer/religious activities
Pet ownership
Overseas travel experience

Master Sample Subscriber Management

We prevent reckless and indiscriminate enrollment into the Master Sample.
Only though methods and channels planned out by Hankook Research’s panel management team can you enroll in the Master Sample.

Master Sample

Expert Panels

Hankook Research has access to respondent panels
that make all types of expert research possible.

Panel Type # of Respondents in the Panel
Physician Panel 11,000 Categorized by specialty
Policy Experts Panel 12,250 Categorized by policy matter expertise
High-income Panel 1,000 Those with monthly incomes over KRW 7,000,000
Social Influencer Panel 450 Power vloggers and techie users
Corporate Decision Maker Panel 4,000 Heads of HR, Purchasing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Security
Retail Panel 7,500 Restaurants, bars, etc.
Real Estate Agent Panel 74,630 Categorized by region
TOTAL 103,330 respondents (7,500 shops)

Fully Independent Verification Team and Verification Systems

Hankook Research utilizes an independent verification team and mobile verification system that were both developed in-house. This allows for the systematic verification of all data. To ensure the highest quality data possible, we deploy mobile and telephone verification techniques as necessary.

Fully Independent Verification Team and Verification Systems
Infrastructure and Solutions
Experts from a wide variety of fields partner with you to conduct purposeful and meaningful research.