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National surveys accredited by Statistics Korea(153 projects as of 2019)

We have conducted national surveys that are reviewed, approved, and accredited by Statistics Korea.

Client Project ID number from Statistics Korea Quality Audit
Korea Labor Institute Korean Labor & Income Panel Study
(Recognized as the most excellent survey)
33601 Top Rated
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism/ KTO National Domestic Travel Survey 31401 Top Rated
Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled National Survey of Economic Participation by the Disabled Persons 38304 Top Rated
Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy/ KBIO Survey on the Bio-Industries 11515 Top Rated
Korea Internet & Security Agency Survey of Daily Spam SMS Received 34204 Top Rated
Ministry of Health & Welfare Survey on the Living Conditions of the Aged 11771 Top Rated
Ministry of Health & Welfare National Survey on Childcare 33107
Korean Women’s Development Institute Survey on Needs and Attitudes for women`s policy 15415
Korean Educational Development Institute Korean Education Longitudinal Survey 33408
National Youth Policy Institute Survey on the Current State of Human Rights for Children & the Youth 40201
National Youth Policy Institute Survey on the Youth`s Value Orientation 16706
Seoul Welfare Foundation Seoul Welfare Panel Study 20113
Korea Employment Information Service Korea Youth Panel Study 32705
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism/ KTO National Overseas Travel Survey 31403
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism/ KCTI Survey on Cultural Participation and Activities 11301
Agency for Traditional Market Administration Survey of Traditional Markets and Businesses 30902
Korea Association of Robot Industry Robot Industry Survey 37302
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements Consumer Sentiment Survey of Real Estate Market 39002
Ministry of Health & Welfare Survey of Retirement Preparedness 11792
Korea Communications Commission Survey of Broadcast Media Audience 16402
Korea Rural Economic Institute Survey of household Food Consumption 41601
National IT industry Promotion Agency Survey of E-Business and Information Technology 38501
KISDI Korea Media Panel Study 40501
National Institute for Lifelong Education Korea Adult Literacy Survey 42001
Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Korea International Marriage Counseling Business Survey 15417
Ministry of Health & Welfare Korea Immunization Survey 11793
Korean Women’s Development Institute Korean Longitudinal Study of Women and Families 33801
Korea Employment Information Service Occupational Employment Survey 32701
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Korea Housing Survey 11631
Korea Employment Information Service Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey 32704
Ministry of Employment & Labor Survey on Labor Conditions by Employment Status 11820
Korea Housing Finance Corporation National Survey of Housing Mortgage Loans 32103
North Korean Refugees Foundation Survey on North Korean defectors 437001
Korean Educational Development Institute National Lifelong Learning Survey for individual learners 33409
National Youth Policy Institute Survey on the actual social and economic conditions of the youth 402004
Korea Institute of Public Administration Korea Social Integration Survey 417001