Why Hankook Research is so special?


Hankook Research has a "Healthcare Research Division" that professionally investigates physicians, pharmacists and patients in the health and medical fields.

Research for Prescription Drug<
Research for Prescription Drug
  • Owns doctors' panel with more than 12,000 doctors
  • Conducts over 70 projects with specialists and general doctors
  • Conducts projects for acceptability of new product, demand forecasting, brand equity and tracking and syndicate survey
  • Alliance with overseas healthcare research firm and doctor panel
Research for Over-the-Counter Drug·Quasi-drug
Research for Over-the-Counter Drug·Quasi-drug
  • Provides research data quickly and efficiently using pharmacist panel with 300 members
  • Provides guideline for making decisions for new product development
  • Conducts projects for acceptability of new project, price sensitivity and ad effect of over-the counter drug and quasi-drug
Research for Medical Device for Clinics
Research for Medical Device for Clinics
  • Performs design development research for medical device for diagnosis- CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound
  • Conducts CS of medical device user and service satisfaction survey
  • Conducts overseas market research of medical devices
  • Retains special moderator to conduct medical device research for medical clinics
Patient Research
Patient Research
  • Identifies trends in major chronic diseases from regular self-research
  • Conducts a survey on market feasibility of medicines in collaboration with university research institutes
  • Conducts qualitative or quantitative survey of many cancer patients and rare disease patients
Customer Satisfaction Measurement (NPS/CS/ES)
Customer Satisfaction Measurement (NPS/CS/ES)
  • Surveys customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and service quality for large-sized general hospital
  • Outpatient and Inpatient Satisfaction Survey, NPS survey for Doctors, ES and Service monitoring
  • Inpatient survey based on the patient experience evaluation model of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service