Why Hankook Research is so special?

Syndicate Surveys

Syndicated Marketing Research division of Hankook Research conducts the various syndicate surveys including media index and lifestyle for Korean.

TGI (Target Group Index)

Media Index & Lifestyle survey

It is the single source survey that can analyze consumers' media usage, lifestyle, and product purchasing behavior. We understand consumption trends through yearly analysis and present insight by analyzing consumers of various products in various fields.

TGI is the global project surveyed by global standard.

TCR (Target Contents Reach)

TV Content Usage Behavior Survey

We can analyze the consumption patterns of TV contents by genre in the age of consuming one content with various media.

We can provide an effective media for each target when you set up a media plan

HCI (High-end Consumer Index)

Top 5% High Income Consumer Survey

It is the single source survey data which can analyze media usage, lifestyle, and purchasing behavior of the top 5% high income class and opinion leaders in Korea in various ways.

We can understand high-end consumers in depth.

KMI (Kids & Mom Index)

6-13 Year Old Child Lifestyle Survey

It is the only child-targeted syndicated survey about media usage, lifestyle and the purchase behavior of children's products for children and mothers from 6 years old to elementary school students.

It is the survey on the only child consumers in Korea.

MRS (Metro Radio Study)

Metro Radio Audience Rating Survey

The Metro Radio Study (MRS) is the only radio rating survey in Korea. It provides in-depth analysis of radio rating and listeners' radio listening behavior to provide customized reports that are effective in radio media planning.

MRS is the only radio audience rating survey in Korea.

SCI (Senior Consumer Index)

55 Years or Older Senior H&P Survey

It is Korea's first senior target syndicated survey for leisure, lifestyle, and consumption behavior targeting consumers aged 55 and over. It is going to be implemented in 2018.

It is the first syndicated survey for senior target in Korea