Welcome to Hankook Research.

Chairman Ick Sang Roh
Chairman Ick Sang Roh

Founded in 1978, Hankook Research has a history of 41 years as the leader in market and opinion research in korea

We believe in the phrase that the Past is always recreatied by the Present. The past is neither to be revered, nor dismissed easily. We affirm that what we do today well provide a new meaning to what we were yesterday. The future is not what we should be simply waiting for, nor what we are nervously afraid of. We believe that what we do today will continuously prepare us for the coming future. Our mission is to create genuine and fresh values though market and opinion research for our clients, employees, our neighbors, and to the wider society and the Humanity as a whole. Keeping this mission in mind, I pledge my best efforts as the Chairman to provide enhanced values to our clients, continuous growth for our company as a shole and personal fulfillment for our employees.

president Jae Sun Jung
CEO Jae Sun Jung

Hello! I am Jae Sun Jung, the president of Hankook Research.

Hankook Research has been proud of a history of 41 years founded in 1978. The companies hould understand the consumers' mind and develop the product that they want to have in dorder to follow the rapid changes of society. The interest in global consumers is growing with the increase of overseas export. Hankook Research built a network of global research partners in 70 countries through over 60 projects annually. We also develop MobileCX® for mobile research, and quickly provide the accurate data for the clients. Hankook Research aims to provide the report with the best quality as the largest marketing and public opinion research firm in Korea. We are operating a human resources development and capacity strengthening program, and were ranked 7 as The Best Companies to Work for by the Fortune in 2015. I will do my best to make Hankook Research as a rewarding work and provide the best possible report for the clients.