The corporate history of Hankook Research reflects the history of Korea’s research industry.

40 years of growth

Thanks to all of you who have worked together, we have been able to grow steadily for a long time, even in so many trials.
We would like to thank all of you for coming together and for future growth.

Annual Turnover KRW 66 billion(USD 60 million)
Research Project 27,883 projects
  • Annual turnover(KRW hundred million)
  • Number of Research Projects
Annual Turnover(Hundred million KRW) Number of Research Projects


It is the footsteps of Hankook Research.

  • 2010s
  • 2000s
  • 1990s
  • 1978~1980s
  • Received the Prime Misister's Award for Best Employers for Gender Equality
  • Launched the Innovation Lab for Consumer Research on Technology Products and Gaming
  • Hosted the Annual Client Seminar on "Digital Transformation and Consumer Experience"
  • Published the Second Collection of <Research Notes for Marketers>
  • Celebrated the 40th Year of Hankook Research Since 1978
  • Visited Jeju Island to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Hankook Research
  • Hosted the Annual Client Seminar on "Changing Consumers and the Future of Marketing"
  • Published the First Collection of <Research Notes for Marketers>
  • Certified for a Family Friendly Workplace and the Best Business for Youth Employement
  • Certified as Best Companies to Work for by Jungang Daily and Job Planet
  • Registered 4 patents for MobileCX
  • Hosted the annual client seminar :
    “The future of marketing & research in 4th Industrial Revolution”
  • Certified as a youth friendly business by Ministry of Employment & Labor
  • Hosted the annual client seminar :
    “Mobile Marketing Platform for Consumer Engagement”
  • Jae Sun Jung appointed as CEO
  • Certified as a family-friendly workplace
  • Ranked 7th as Best Companies to Work for by Fortune Korea and Job Planet
  • Held the professional interviewers’ day
  • Recruited 1,190,000 panel respondents for MS Panel, a dedicated access panel
  • Launched MobileCX®, a smartphone App for mobile survey
  • Partnered with Envirosell, founded by Paco Underhill, a renowned retail marketing expert
  • Installed PQI(Project Quality Improvement), a proprietary project management system
  • Developed Computer Aided Survey(CAS) System for public agencies(Public Relations Administration, the Center for Disease Control, and Korea Institute of Health and Social Affairs)
  • Marked the 30th year of Hankook Research
  • All employees climbing to the Peak of Mt. Baek-Du in celebration of the 30th year
  • Reached annual revenues of KRW 43 billion
  • Expanded Syndicated Research Division and Social Survey and Public Opinion Research Division to Head Divisions
  • Developed H-DAS, a proprietary data analysis and tabulation software module for clients
  • Introduced profit sharing incentives for employees
  • Completed share acquisition from ACNielsen
  • Joint Venture Agreement with ACNielsen ends
  • Elected all Korean Board of Directors
  • Marked the 25th year of Hankook Research
  • Reached the annual revenue of KRW 20 billion
  • Published “The Present Recreates the Past”
  • Moved the head office to Non-Hyun dong
  • Developed H-Proman, an advanced project management and quality control system
  • Launched Korea’s first Access Panel
  • Completed Every Dealer Survey(EDS) for Coca-Cola, the largest-scale survey research project undertaken in Korea(2 billion KRW)
  • Joint venture agreement with A.C.Nielsen-SRG
  • Reached annual revenues of KRW 5 billion
  • Launched Korea’s first TV ratings service with People Meter and provided ratings data for SBS
  • Incorporated as a joint venture with SRG(30%)
  • Reached the annual revenue of KRW 2 billion
  • Opened the first regional branch office
  • Launched the Tobacco Retail Audit
  • Celebrated 10th anniversary
  • Incorporated as a joint stock company
  • Korea’s first readership survey for print media
  • Launched the globally syndicated Media Index
  • Launched the Syndicate Research Division
  • Conducted Korea’s first Retail Census
  • Korea’s first diary-based TV ratings service
  • Installed fully equipped Korea’s first FGD facility
  • Reached the annual revenue of KRW 100 million
  • Signed MOU for working business partnership with ADR of Japan
  • Completed the country’s first demand forecast project for a Korean automobile manufacturer
  • Founded as a premier marketing research company for Korean and global businesses