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Public opinion

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We conduct various politics & election researches on political party and candidate strategy, or with media (jtbc, Korea Daily, Tomorrow newspaper, Hankyorei newspaper & Kyunghyang newspapers) and academic institutes (East Asian Institute, Institute of Contemporary Politics, Korean Political Science Association & Korea society of Elections).


We conduct the survey on the Korea Labor Panel (1997~), Korea Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families (2007~), Korean Education Longitudinal Survey (2011~), Real Estate Panel Survey (2014~), Public Rental Housing Resident Panel Survey (2016~) and many others.

Gender Equality & Family

Korea Longitudinal Survey of Women and Families (2007~), Survey for the Development of the Elderly Preparation Index, research on gender equality, female labor and job, Gender equality policies, aged society and low birth rate are conducted by the professional team.


We conduct a number of self-integrity surveys and high position integrity surveys of central ministries, municipalities, and public affairs associations, including the nation's largest survey, Public Institution Integrity Survey by The Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission (13 times in total).


We are conducting a large number of researches related to energy awareness such as renewable energy acceptance survey, energy conversion awareness survey, smart grid water availability survey, and electric vehicle water availability survey.

Public Debate

We have conducted more than 10 public opinion surveys and public debates, such as the Citizen Participation Public Debate Survey for Sin-Gori Units No. 5•6 reactor (2017), the Postpone Fuel Management Plan (2015), and the 2014 National People Debate.


We conduct various education, youth, and large-scale school surveys such as Korean Education Longitudinal Survey, the study of discontinued youth panel, the integration of children and adolescents, and the school democracy survey of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education.


We conduct a variety of surveys on broadcasting and telecommunications, including e-government support business satisfaction surveys ,Home IoT User Survey and survey of Daily Spam SMS Received and needs analysis surveys, and broadcast provider content production capacity surveys.

Local Government

We conduct various surveys on local autonomy such as the Gyeonggi Provincial Public Opinion Survey, the Gyeonggi Provincial Welfare Demand Survey, the Gyeonggi Provincial Economic Outlook Survey, the Seoul Metropolitan Government Service Satisfaction Survey, and the feasibility study of events and festivals of local governments.


Employment, labor, and job-related surveys that are representative of Korea, such as Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey, National Survey of Economic Participation by the Disabled Persons, Korean Labor Panel Study, and Survey on Labor Conditions by Employment Status, are conducted.


We are conducting a number of housing and real estate related surveys including Korean Housing Survey (9 times in total), Real Estate Panel Survey (2014 ~ 2016), and Consumer Sentiment Survey of Real Estate Market (2009 ~ 2017).


We conduct a variety of childcare and childcare-related surveys, including a nationwide survey on childhood education (2017), a survey on infant and child's private education, nationwide childcare survey, childcare price index survey, and infant education and childcare cost estimation survey.

Public Health

We conducted a number of health promotion-related surveys, such as evaluation of current status of community health promotion projects, survey of patient satisfaction, Outpatient and Inpatient Satisfaction Survey, NPS survey for Doctors, and surveys related to mental health, dementia and suicide performed by municipalities.


We are conducting an omnibus survey for ordinary people aged 19 and over from the third Monday of every month. If you have 5 to 20 questions, you can use up to 80% ~ 40% less cost than a survey with the same sample size and design.


Cultural / tourism / leisure specialist team conducts surveys such as cultural tourism behavior survey, cultural sports tour consumption trend survey, economic trend survey, overseas market survey, survey on travel week, government agency policy evaluation and satisfaction, and municipal festival evaluation survey

Academic Service

We have built Survey SQL only for academic professionals (professors, researchers, graduate students, undergraduates, etc.). We are able to provide data at competitive costs thanks to our unique academic survey system.